Aether Adrift is a Science Fiction role playing game of action, adventure and exploration! AeAd (short for Aether Adrift) will require the Savage Worlds Core Rules to play.

It's some time in the future - Humanity has sent out seed ships to colonize the stars. One such seed ship, the United Sol Albatross, has had a catastrophic failure near an uncharted world far from earth, causing the ship to evacuate in escape pods.

Upon landing on the planet, the crew and passengers of the Albatross meet the Mikwa - a peaceful race of bipedal rabbit-like creatures - that help them establish a home base. While investigating mysterious, technologically advanced ruins, they run afoul of another intelligent species on the planet - the Fulgori, and the Fulgor Empire.

King Fulgor wants the technology of the ruins for his own nefarious schemes, and humans need the technology to have any hopes of finding and restoring their ship.

In response, the Humans and Mikwa have formed an organization called the Voyagers to fight back the Fulgori, and discover the secrets buried in the ruins!

Join the Voyagers as a Human, Mikwa, Robot or turncoat Fulgori and help save the Albatross!


Jump right into the action with the Aether Adrift Jumpstart, available as a free PDF on DriveThruRPG!