Aether Adrift

Well, the game has a working title of 'Aether Adrift', and I've got some more concept art to share with you!


First we have a Human town. Most of the human settlements are constructed from prefabricated houses that were stored on the colony ship for use as temporary housing while the ship is converted into the first proper city. Because of this, a lot of the buildings look identical, and larger buildings are typically made of multiple pieces that are snapped together.

Their prefab houses provide a large degree of comfort - climate control, running water, and even television (Though the lack of a TV network means they can only watch the media that managed to land on the continent.) The windows on the prefabs can also be darkened for privacy. That round building is a military tent.

Human Town


The Mikwa live in towns with rather simple buildings clustered together in somewhat messy arrangements. They have large watchtowers that are used to keep an eye on the local fauna, and spot any Fulgori or other potential problems before they get too close. They don't have a whole lot of technology, but they do have lighting, fans and radios that are powered by outdoor generators.

They have a lot of farmland around the outskirts of the town where they grow a large amount of fruits and vegetables, and raise a small amount of livestock that are used mostly for working, and only sometimes for eating.

Mikwa Village


Lastly is the Fulgori - They tend to live in crowded, uniform buildings that hold a large amount of people in a relatively small area with minimal comfort. The main fulgori city perfectly embodies the totalitarian dictatorship of it's government. The city is tightly packed with quickly and cheaply made concrete buildings for both housing and industry, and the entire city has an unhealthy haze about it. The exception is the Government Building that houses the King and his favored individuals. The lawn outside of the government building is perfectly manicured, and the King's statue is a constant reminder of who is in charge, and who the people there owe their lives to.

Technologically, the Fulgori are leaps and bounds ahead of the Mikwa. They have motorized vehicles, firearms, mechanized infantry, and some things that were only possible because of the things the King has managed to dig out of the technologically advanced ruin the city was established next to.

Fulgori City

That's a small look into the lives of the different races on the continent, and how they live.

I'll be back with more details as I have them!