Sorry for the long silence...

But I have a fair bit to update everyone on.

We finally got in touch with Pinnacle, and they told us that we're well on our way to getting the license, we just need to show them a more finished set of setting rules and the finalized layout with more finished artwork.

Ideally we'll have the license and be on Kickstarter this year.

But, for your patience, I have a sneak preview (Well, I dunno if it's a sneak preview, on account of this being a public blog) of the book. It's still WIP, and it's far from finished, but I hope you all enjoy taking a look at it!

A lot of the art will likely end up being moved before the final version, it's just there to take up space right now, but I put them in mostly appropriate places.

I hope you're all as eager as I am to see this progress!