[Aether Tuesday] Discord and Playtesting

Greetings Voyagers! It’s Aether Tuesday again and we have some big news!

First of all, we’re opening our Discord server up to the public! Now you can come, hang out and talk tabletop with us! In addition to just hanging out, we use our Discord to make announcements, hold surveys and more importantly, we’re going to be using it for our playtests!

Click the Discord icon to join!



Yes, you did read correctly, we're going to be starting weekly playtests to test and refine our new mechanics. If you're familiar with Savage Worlds already then the rules will be easy to learn, but if you haven't played Savage Worlds, or even a Tabletop RPG, before that's fine too - as long as you're patient and willing to learn!

If you want to join us in our play tests, join us at our Discord and post about your interest in the #Playtest channel

That's all for now, Voyagers! See you on Discord! (And next Aether Tuesday!)