Playable Races

The world of Aether Adrift is inhabited by many colorful creatures.



These are the intrepid colonists and scientists that traveled from earth aboard the Albatross. Suddenly waking up in an escape pod on an alien world has left them shaken and confused, but these intrepid starfarers have been quick to make alliances and begin making a home for themselves. With the help of the Mikwa, they have begun sending out search teams to recover more of the Albatross’ passengers and equipment.


Built by the humans to assist with almost every aspect of daily lives, Robots were brought on the Albatross to maintain the ship and watch over the colonist’s cryosleep. Robots are built and programmed with particular purposes in mind, with complex AI and personalities that allow them to work alongside humans. 20 years without regular system wipes, however, has lead some to form… unusual personality quirks.




Peaceful long-eared and furry folk that are native to the island of Elisi. These curious little folk are filled to the brim with creativity that they each express in their own unique way. Recently, their simple way of life has been interrupted by the hostile invasion of the Fulgori Empire, and they have partnered with the Humans of the Albatross to help protect their homes from the Emperor’s military might.

Fulgori Rebels

Frustrated by the Emperor’s increasing paranoia, the sudden disappearances of friends and family, and the atrocities their military seems capable of, these brave fulgori have thrown off the shackles of tyranny and banded together to oppose their old masters. These ragtag rebels hope to find a kindred spirit in the mikwa and humans, who are just as hated by the Empire as they are.