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Aether Adrift Downloads

All of the files on this page require the Savage Worlds Adventure Edition Core Rulebook to use.
The Savage Worlds Test Drive Rules are free to download and contain a basic version of the rules that may be enough to play.

Character Sheets

Character Sheets, so you have some place to write down your character’s stats and abilities. This includes both Aether Adrift character sheets, and generic Savage Worlds: Adventure Edition character sheets.

Aether Adrift Character Sheet
SWADE Character Sheet
Form Fillable Aether Adrift Character Sheet
Form Fillable SWADE Character Sheet

One sheet Adventures

These quick, easy-to-read adventures are perfect for GMs to pick up and read right before a session, and because they're only one sheet they're easy to print out.

Scientist Snatch
Scientist Snatch Player Standees
Scientist Snatch Enemy Standees

Premade Character Sheets

Jump right into the action with these premade characters! Each character has motivations and a background, but their stats can be easily used for an original character idea.

Desmond Faron - Human Front-line Leader
Ebbi Ulwa - Nerdy Mikwa Nanotechnician
Francine Elliot - Madcap Human Gunslinger
Geri Griggs - Pacifist Fulgori Rebel Guardian
Mikki Pakah - Tribal Mikwa Sharpshooter
Richard - Posh Medical Robot