Happy Holidays from Demonskunk Studios!

Haha, oh wow. It's been exactly one year since our last post here.

Sam and I have been hard at work on Aether Adrift since our last post. In the inbetween time, we've written two adventures, one designed for quick one-shot adventures and one designed for larger, multi-session affairs. We've pretty much finished a piece of cover art for the main book. We've been slowly solidifying the setting and the lore; and most importantly:


That means we have the go-ahead to publish our book now. that is the best possible holiday news we could have gotten!

Our new years resolution is going to be to start posting much more frequently on this blog, so we can keep everyone informed on the goings-on in Demonskunk Studios. Currently I'm thinking Tuesdays might be a good day for updates, but that remains to be determined.

In these updates, we'll be discussing anything from the current state of the game, to lore and background information, to content and mechanical reveals, so keep your eyes peeled!

I hope you all have a happy Holiday season, see you in the next update!