[Aether Tuesday] The Fulgori Empire

Hello, Voyagers, it's Aether Tuesday again, and today we're bringing you information on the Fulgori.

The Fulgori are another of the races on the island of Elisi, though it seems that they're not indigenous to it like the Mikwa are. Fulgori typically stand a little taller than humans, averaging over 6 feet (~2 meters) in height. They have digitigrade legs and thick tails, and their naturally glowing eyes and jagged upper jaw give them a sinister look.

Fulgori society is very regimented and strict, valuing efficiency over individuality. Compared to the Mikwa they live in much larger, more heavily populated cities. Children are typically enrolled in boarding schools at a young age, where they are given a formalized, uniform education. Employment is decided based on aptitude tests so that each citizen can contribute where they are most effective. Most fulgori will work one job for their entire life, unless circumstance renders them unable to effectively perform their job.

The government plays a big part in Fulgori life, providing food, shelter and work for all citizens, expecting that they work diligently in return. Fulgori that work hard are rewarded with extra food and luxuries. Fulgori that slack off and do a poor job are punished with reduced luxuries and looked down upon by society as a whole.


Despite this large government influence, Fulgori home life is very private. They form tight bonds with very small groups. Personal things like displays of affection, parties, funerals and feelings are kept within these private groups, to the point where even as much as holding hands with another fulgori in public is considered taboo.

Fulgori are omnivores that subsist mostly on meat, with supplemental fruits and veggies. They prefer savory and bitter flavors. Sweets are a rarity to be enjoyed in small amounts.


The way most Voyagers will interact with the Fulgori is through their military. The Fulgori have an excessive military presence on the island of Elisi, with numerous bases spread out over the island, each garrisoned with ample troops, vehicles and weapons. The military presence of the Fulgori seems only to serve to deal with the defenses of the Precursor ruins while they excavate the technological relics from inside; though it is possible there is some other threat on the island they are holding off against.

The excavation of these relics is the number one priority of their leader, Fulgor. Fulgor is a totalitarian leader, having near absolute control over everything in his empire. He claims to be the will of the people, acting in their best interest. In truth he is paranoid and selfish, throwing soldiers at Precursor ruins in order to excavage their contents, despite knowing the dangers lying within. There are rumors that he has secret police, only spoken of in whispers, that take away citizens that dare speak out against him.

Fulgorblog copy.png

Next week, we'll talk about the fruits of his paranoia...
That's all for now, Voyagers! See you next Aether Tuesday!