Sorry for the lack of communication

I'm... awful at keeping a blog.

So, a lot has been going on lately, mostly with the games.

Wayfarer RPG

Wayfarer is currently on hold - it's been put on the back burner because the project is huge, much too big to be our first game. On top of that, it's admittedly sort of my baby - I constantly worry that I'm going to mess things up, and panicking over every little thing trying to get the setting to feel like it makes sense, and that it's alive, ready to be explored, without feeling too generic.

Echo 6

Echo 6 was, until recently, the active project, but last week I decided that I need to take a small break from it - The game's system has sort of hit a rock wall, and I'm not quite ready to take on the task of tunneling around it yet, since it would mean large revisions to the core of the system, and a lot of scary changes, not to mention that writing your own game system for a first project is sort of... not a smart thing to do.

Writing a system from scratch is a LOT of work, especially when you haven't had a whole lot of experience doing this sort of thing. Balancing is a pain in the ass, and writing mechanics that scale well from early level to late level is even more of a pain. It's also classless, so we're having to deal with potentially overpowered builds due to certain combinations and... well, taking a break from it is sort of a good idea, I've had my nose buried in it for over a year now, and I could use a fresh view.

Rest assured, Neither of these games are dead, just sleeping.

So, that brings us to the present.

New Project

Currently, Sam and I are working on a game that uses the Savage Worlds system - it's a game we don't even currently have a project name for yet, but production is going surprisingly well. I've been super inspired to draw a bunch of concept work for it already, and we have a sort of plot and setting coming along really nicely.

The high concept of the story is that a human colony ship had a catastrophic accident en route to a potential world, leaving it crippled and possibly destroyed - the fate of the ship is uncertain. Players take the role of one of the members of the security team that escaped the ship in escape pods, and crash landed on a floating continent.

You'll have to work with the peaceful natives - the Mikwa - to figure out what happened to your ship and it's inhabitants, explore ruins and excavate the advanced technology hidden within them, and contend with the Fulgor Empire, who also want the technology you're after, and aren't willing to share.

The setting isn't super serious, and nearly everything in it looks super adorable. You'll have an arsenal of interesting and odd human made weapons ranging from laser guns, to chilling swords, to energy bombs, to the magic-like power of nanotech.

We're still working on it, so expect changes, but we're excited about this project, and we think you will be too!

Here's some concept work.