[Aether Tuesday] The Albatross and Humanity

Happy Aether Tuesday, Voyagers! Today's article will be focusing on Humanity, what their home was like, why they're so far away from it, and what they're doing on Elisi.

Human History


Humans in Aether Adrift came from the Sol system, the same Sol System you probably live in right now! By the year 2240, Humanity has colonized Venus, Mars and Earth's moon, Luna, under the banner of the United SOL Alliance, USOL.

All of the humans on Elisi - the island the core game focuses on - were colonists or crew on the USOL Albatross. The Albatross was a colony ship on a mission to establish a human presence on the distant world of Kapteyn B of the Kapteyn system.

At the halfway point of their journey, the Admiral of the ship put it in orbit around an uncharted planet to wake the crew to perform maintenance and assess the mission going forward. In the middle of their check an unknown catastrophe forced them to evacuate, launching passengers and crew to the uncharted world below.

The Albatross incident happened so suddenly that the crew were unable to properly launch their colonization equipment. The vast majority Prefabricated housing units, vehicles and inactive robots stored in the cargo areas of the Albatross were thrown to the planet's surface or left in the wreckage.

After crash landing, the Humans met with the Mikwa - a peaceful local race - and established a coalition called the Voyagers. The Voyagers' mission is to find and recover human survivors and supplies dropped from the damaged Albatross, delve into the advanced Precursor ruins dotting the island, and protect the Mikwa from the looming threat of Emperor Fulgor and his immense military force.

Human Society

Human society on Elisi is fairly comfortable, despite their predicament. The recovered prefabricated housing units allow them to live in climate controlled comfort. Each unit is independently powered and was packed with preserved food to ensure the occupants would be able to survive.

Knowing that the limited supplies in their prefab homes wouldn't last, the human colonists have learned from the Mikwa how to cultivate local crops and how to hunt the local wildlife. Despite coming from a life of luxury, most of the colonists aren't afraid to get their hands dirty.

In addition to prefab items, larger human structures have fabricators capable of manufacturing many simple items from raw metal, fabric and polymers brought with them on the Albatross, allowing them to make much of what they might need. Due to the accident supplies have become much more limited, leading to rationing in case of emergency.

Despite only having been on the island for a few months, the Mikwa and Humans have formed a very strong alliance. Humans most often trade them protection from the militant Fulgori in exchange for supplies and knowledge.

The most notable defensive structure is Voyager Base Odal, where the remaining leadership of the Albatross crew and security have pulled together volunteers from the Mikwa, Humans and even rebel Fulgori, assigning them missions ranging from simple patrols to delves into the Precursor ruins in hopes of finding useful technology. Frequently the Voyagers are dispatched to deal with possible Fulgori threats, and the Mikwa often turn to the Voyagers for protection because of their significantly more advanced weaponry.

That's all for now, Voyagers, see you next Aether Tuesday!

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