[Aether Tuesday] Robots!

Hello, Voyagers - it's Min from Demonskunk studios, here for another Aether Tuesday.

Today we're going to be talking about Robots!


While the Robots in Aether Adrift are a unique playable race, they are not a unique faction. Robots in AeAd were created by humans to serve and assist. All of the robots in Aether Adrift's world were built and loaded onto the Albatross with the human passengers and crew. While they are very advanced, they do not possess a full, unshackled AI. They have simulated personalities and can learn and adapt to different situations as required, but they are still bound by rules governing their behavior, and they are incapable of things like rebellion and mutiny.

Assuming nothing breaks.

from left to right: L1F7, 3012, C.H.A.D. and F1-X

from left to right: L1F7, 3012, C.H.A.D. and F1-X

Robots come in many shapes and sizes, each generally suited to the job they're intended to do. L1F7 and C.H.A.D. are lifter units, designed to move cargo around in the ship and heavy objects around on planet. 3012 is a recon unit, equipped with a grappling hook and retractable tow chain. F1-X is a repair unit, designed to keep the ship, human vehicles, and sometimes other robots operating properly.

Most robots are programmed with a simulated personality to make interacting with them a more pleasant experience for their human companions. For instance, C.H.A.D. has an amorous college frat boy personality; Eager to show off how much he can lift and always ready to lend a hand with heavy objects. F1-X has the personality of a telenovella character named "Francisco" who was widely known for his ability to fix anything, so he speaks with a latino accent and repeats many of the one-liners and catch phrases from the show when appropriate.

That isn't to say their programming is perfect, however. Being in operation for 10+ years without extensive maintenance has allowed some of their programming to develop their own strange quirks, like C.H.A.D.'s affection for squeezy hand workout devices.

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