[Aether Tuesday]Busy Busy

Happy Aether Tuesday, Voyagers! Testing is going relatively smoothly, and we've been making some very small adjustments and additions to the rules.

The testing has been focusing on the Terrain Generation rules. Terrain Generation works, but needs a lot more tweaking. Currently there's no weight placed on what type of biome can appear next to what, so we can have situations where a hot desert is right next to a cold tundra. I've been puzzling over trying to fix that without making the system hundreds of tables.

In the next coming playtests I'll be messing with the Item Modification rules and seeing how those go. Item Creation rules are going to come some time later; I'm sure you can understand how complicated it is to write rules that can be used for the creation of basically anything.

So, for now, have a silly sketch of 4 of the premade Aether Adrift characters miming the Demon Days album cover.


That's all for now, Voyagers! If you'd like to participate in our playtests, or just hang out, you can join our Discord Server here: https://discord.gg/3CgnUJ3