[Aether Thursday] Kickstarter Delay, Aether Tuesday Hiatus


Hey, again, Voyagers! I know I'm really late with this Aether Tuesday, but it's for a good reason. Lately we struggle to come up with something to post about every Tuesday for this update. We've already posted the basic information about each race, the basic information about the setting, a decent amount of art.

We can't say too much more about the setting without giving everything away. We've been playtesting, but most of the playtest sessions are relatively mundane. There's been a lot of testing on the terrain generation system and really basic combat and roleplaying encounters. There isn't much going on there that would make for worthwhile stories, and I don't want to write about the rules for terrain generation because they're still a work in progress, and we don't want to just give that system away right now.

The next playtest is going to be going into a precursor structure for a short 'dungeon', and I'll be exposing the players to the weapon modification system, so that will probably be fun. If it goes alright, it could even be a good one sheet adventure.

Our plan was to have launched the Kickstarter for Aether Adrift by the end of April, but the quotes we got back from printers are much higher than we had anticipated, so we're having to reevaluate the direction to go with funding, what things should be part of the basic kickstarter goal and what should be stretch goals, what the different support tiers should be priced at, etc.

When the Kickstarter goes live, it'll be a perfect time to bring Aether Tuesday back in force. We can share more freely and more confidently with the campaign running, but as it stands, Aether Tuesday is just taking up time that can be better used elsewhere.

I hope you've enjoyed what we've posted here so far! If you haven't already, you should go back and reread our first entries talking about the setting! They're linked below for your convenience.

The Albatross & Humanity
The Fulgori Empire
Fulgori Rebels
The World & Precursors

And once you've read through those, you can tells us what you think about it on our Reader Feedback Form.

You can also come hang out with us, and maybe even participate in our playtests on our Discord Server!

Thanks for reading, Voyagers! We'll be seeing you again soon, even if it might not be Aether Tuesday!